About James

React, Gatsby and GraphQL enthusiast

I am a Full-Stack Developer, graduate of Wyncode Academy, and a former chef at Margaritaville. I have 3 years of experience in a fast paced environment where I had to learn on my feet. I am now a Full-Stack Developer producing high quality responsive websites, working in both front end and back end.

My skills are:
const mySkills = [
  "React Native",
const prntItems = arr => {
  arr.map(item => console.log(item))

My name is James Kemp and I am a career changer. I have spent the last 4 years as a chef at Margaritaville. I had a design to find more fullfilling and creative work. During my search I found myself at Wyncode Academy.

During my time at Wyncode, I've struggled and worked my way at learnig a new skillset to launch my career in tech. I've developed a passion for coding and have developed an interest in modern web technologies such was React and GraphQL.

I pride myself on producing the highest quality of work possible. I have a passion for continuing my learing and pushing the boundries of my knowledge.

Full Stack Developer

This is my dev environment.
Being a Full Stack Developer means I am capable of building sites that both look fantastic and have fleshed out datamodels on the backend. On the frontend, my primary library of choice is React with some minor experience in Angular.

Backend technologies that I have worked in are Ruby on Rails with a PostgreSQL database, expressJS with a mongodb database, and Apollo with Prisma and a MySQL database.